Career Path Empowerment for Physicians
Trivedi Law P.A. focuses exclusively on employment matters affecting Physicians at all levels of training and employment.

The goal of Trivedi Law P.A. is to empower physicians to determine the best course of action for their chosen career paths. This goal is achieved by guiding clients through legal issues that arise during training and advocating for them throughout the beginning, middle, and end of the employment relationship.
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Trivedi Law focuses on exclusively representing physicians. Take a look at my full service offerings.
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About Bina Trivedi
I am dedicated to empowering physicians shape their professional journey
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Licensed to practice in Florida and Michigan.
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A Practice Built Exclusively for Physicians

Trivedi Law P.A., is a firm dedicated to empowering physicians to shape their professional journey at all levels of training and employment. We apply a pragmatic approach with a proven ability to provide excellent service in the following areas:

Residency and Fellowship

  • Probation
  • Suspension
  • Contract non-renewal
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Visa and immigration issues

Career Path Guidance

  • Solo practice, Concierge medicine, and Independent contractor relationships
  • Private group practice, Large corporate practice and Hospital employment
  • Academic and Research based employment

Pre-employment Services

  • Offer letter review and negotiation
  • Contract review, explanation, and negotiation
  • Salary, sign on bonus, profit sharing, and 401ks
  • Employer provided health and disability insurance
  • Relocation, licensing and hospital credentialing
  • Professional association dues and CME reimbursement
  • Sickness, disability, and leave of absense
  • Non-compete, Non-solicitation, and Indemnity clauses
  • Professional liability insurance

Employment Services

  • Contract renewal and renegotiation
  • Partnership agreements and buy outs
  • Intellectual property rights and outside medical practice issues
  • Probation, suspension and time to cure provisions
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Strategic exit strategies and severance negotiation
  • Non-compete, Non-solicitation, and Indemnity clauses
  • Ongoing medical malpractice and tail coverage
  • Defense of criminal charges.
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You have sacrificed some of the best years of your life to become a physician. Years often leading up to an employment contract that may be one of the most important financial decision of your life. A decision that can lead to both great financial gain and to potentially devastating consequences. Do not risk the career and reputation you worked so hard to build by agreeing to obligations you may not fully appreciate.

I am your partner, advocate, negotiator, and litigator through every stage of your professional career.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation to discuss your specific legal needs.

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Bina Trivedi

I am dedicated to empowering physicians shape their professional journey.

Prior to starting Trivedi Law P.A., I served as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Oakland County, Michigan and as an assistant state attorney in Hillsborough County, Florida. During that time, I prosecuted hundreds of criminal matters and won numerous jury and non-jury trials. Even as a law student, I litigated in various New York City courts representing the victims of domestic violence.

As a daughter, sister, and wife of physicians, I am intimately aware of the nuances and pitfalls of physician employment. My current experience began by helping guide my husband through medical school, residency, fellowship, and now as an attending interventional radiologist. Throughout that time, I offered my services pro bono to several residents, fellows and attending physicians.

Through these experiences I recognized the lack of formal education and attention to real world employment issues. Today’s physicians are often ill equipped to face the unique challenges inherent in their chosen profession. Challenges they often try and face alone, without effective representation. It is in this vein that I established my law firm, to guide physicians through their difficult choices and help be their voice as they seek their hard earned rewards.

The scope of my practice is narrow and specific. I believe in a hands on, one-on-one approach to representing my clients. My clients deal directly with me, at times which accommodate their shifting schedule, including nights and weekends. I use my extensive negotiation and courtroom experience to serve my clients’ best interests, whether it be through negotiating employment agreements or litigating legal disputes. I am dedicated to effectively and expeditiously resolving my clients’ employment issues as they navigate the ever changing currents of medicine.


Florida Bar 2006
Michigan Bar 2007


St. Johns School of Law, Juris Doctorate
University of South Florida, Bachelor of Arts



The below testimonials are voluntarily provided by a few of my clients. They do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of all cases. Every case is different and must be evaluated on its own merits. All clients may not obtain the same or similar results.
Posted by M.S. Pediatric Hospitalist, Medicine, Florida
"Ms. Trivedi is a highly knowledgeable attorney. As a physician seeking new employment, I recently received several offers. Much of the language in the documents can be daunting and incomprehensible, which can lead to physician dissatisfaction if not addressed appropriately. Ms. Trivedi was exceptional in all aspects of her legal guidance. She reviewed all my contracts very thoroughly and explained every piece in terms that I could understand. She was efficient, prompt and left no corner unturned. Comparing Ms. Trivedi’s legal expertise with previous attorneys whom I have asked for assistance, she greatly exceeds performance in all regards."
Posted by H.B., Interventional Radiologist, Florida
"I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Ms. Bina Trivedi provided in negotiating and executing my separation agreement. When I first contacted Ms. Trivedi she was open, educated, and forthright in medical contract law. She understood the unique situation that physicians in private practice face with the complexity of separation agreements. She was professional, fair, and genuinely concerned about me and my future wellbeing. Ms. Trivedi attention to detail reviewing all of my documents for my rights and obligations assured me and my family that I was very well-represented during negotiations. She is analytical and meticulously focused to detail which provided a smooth transition to my current practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Trivedi to any physician needing medical contract law services."
Posted by K. T., Podiatrist, Florida.
"I have known Ms. Trivedi for several years and have sought her legal expertise time and again since 2012. She has been able to help me navigate through entering into new employment contracts after completing residency as well as resolving and terminating them. As a new physician, employment contracting is integral to job satisfaction and the overall environment, yet most new physicians are very poorly equipped to understand the verbiage and negotiate a situation that is most appropriate. Ms. Trivedi was able to promptly, thoughtfully and professionally negotiate the best terms for me, each time I entered into a new contract. I, unfortunately, also had a situation that required early resolution of a contract and throughout this process, Ms. Trivedi managed to resolve the situation amicably, and with the best possible outcome available for me. She was always available, prompt and explained the details that were elusive to me, which I very much appreciate. I would recommend her without hesitation, and will most definitely retain her services again, should the need ever arise."
Posted by M. T., Radiologist, Michigan.
"I have known Ms. Bina Trivedi for several years and she has helped me with other legal matters in the past so it was fortuitous to know that she is now specializing in contract review. After a day of evaluation, Ms. Trivedi sent me a document explaining each section of the contract in regular English as opposed to the legalese. There were some sections that were unremarkable, some that needed attention, and two very well hidden (to my eyes, and as a radiologist, it is a bit embarrassing) but potentially career threatening sections. I could have read the contract a dozen more times and never understood the true effects of the wording. Ms. Trivedi's advice was not pushy one way or the other, simply explanatory. I ultimately did not take that job, probably to her relief, and have since found a different/better position; the contract for which she also reviewed. Though without her insight, I could be looking back at that contract in a few years and regretting the decision to not have it professionally evaluated. I recommend her without hesitation for contract issues. I can personally assure you that you will not be disappointed in her thoroughness, timeliness, and overall advice. I am extremely pleased that I did not fall into the trap of that first job and can only thank Ms. Trivedi for her help."
Posted by A. B., Interventional Radiologist, Georgia
"I have utilized Bina's services twice thus far, both times for contract review and negotiation for employment as a physician. She is extremely thorough, accessible, and attentive to her client's needs. She makes excellent honest suggestions and really puts the client's needs and interests first. Bina is an excellent advocate and if the need arises I would not hesitate to call on her again. I recommend her highly."
Posted by B.G. Neurologist, Florida
"I contacted Ms. Trivedi for an issue concerning my current employment contract with a private physician group. She was very accessible, quick and through in assessing my issues and laying out my options. I have much more clarity about my current employment agreement and would recommend her to any physicians dealing with employment issues."
Posted by B.C. Radiologist, Michigan
"Bina was invaluable in helping me review a professional contract. She made it very clear as to what I was agreeing to and helped me clarify many points. Her turnaround time was also very quick. Thank you very much for your help!"
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